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“Cymer Marketing Solutions has been absolutely pivotal in our digital transformation journey, pushing our data and CRM strategy to create a step change in our results.
You are amongst one of the best CRM consultants in the Midlands that can both deliver on execution and strategy.”

Amrit Gill
Head Of Digital Marketing at sk:n

What started out as a 4-6 week cover as sk:n Clinics lost their CRM Manager, has blossomed into a longer relationship, building out the CRM capabilities for the marketing operation.

CRM strategy for skn Clinics
sk:n Clinics

Using a CRM Feasibility Review ineffective and inefficient functions of the current CRM setup were identified. With ongoing campaigns integral to driving the business, solutions were prioritised to ensure that marketing could still operate and delivery, while adjustments were made to improve CRM data, strategy, outputs and ROI.

Data was segmented to ensure more lifecycle marketing communications could be utilised. Communication timing was adjusted to optimise open rates. Audiences were reduced by removing non-engaged.

These small adjustments all increased CRM ROI as communications became more targeted, more effective and reducing wasted costs on email and SMS.

CRM implementation at Loughborough University
Loughborough University

Implementing a Student Recruitment CRM

After spending 4 years at University of Leicester in CRM and Change Management roles, I was looking for a new challenge, which Loughborough University provided.

They were embarking on a new project to invest in a CRM system that integrated all of the Student Recruitment cycle:

  • School visits and career fairs
  • Prospectus requests
  • Prospect communications
  • Student Union tours
  • Open Day visits
  • Applicant communications
  • Departmental Visit Days
  • Confirmation/Enrolment communications

Prior to implementation many different processes and system were adopted across central and departmental functions, with few correlating and requiring manual intervention for execution and reporting.

The 2-year project involved:

  • project management, leading weekly meetings with senior stakeholder groups and system suppliers
  • scoping out development needs with User groups and translate this for the suppliers to deliver for everyone’s needs
  • developing multi-channel communication plans for all stages of the recruitment cycle and segmented by subject areas
  • automating the prospectus request process which manually meant requests took up to 2 weeks to execute, compared to next day execution
  • developing data capture processes that cut down the time to complete a form and gathered more meaningful information to segment and provide more bespoke content during the journey
  • meeting all the users to map out the required security levels and access restrictions, then grouping according to carry out training and develop user guides
  • creating a Open Day booking system that allowed for real-time registration via QR scanning, giving real-time attendance reports segmented by any demographic, again reducing report time by 2 weeks

These significant changes enabled higher engagement with prospective students, more Open Day bookings with record (and more accurate) attendance rates and a unified picture of recruitment as prospects were linked to applicants, showing the Return on Investment of campaigns and providing better analysis for year-on-year comparisons.

During the 2nd year saw the effects of CRM on recruitment and the reputation of Loughborough University, hitting the top 10 UK Universities, then continuously improving to now being top 5.

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