Telemarketing Campaign Support

With telemarketing support your campaigns can be more effective reaching the correct decision makers and offering more opportunities to achieve your campaign goals.

How many marketing campaigns have missed opportunities due not having the time to follow up on leads?

Have you acquired potential contact data, only to find that half the contacts have unusable email addresses?

Cymer Marketing Solutions can assist to ensure that you get better returns on your marketing investment by putting in the “leg work” to qualify your lead data or follow up on your leads to make the most of your opportunities.

Telemarketing | Data Qualification

Data Qualification using Telemarketing

Ensure that your marketing spend is not wasted, by getting your marketing contact lists qualified and cleansed.

Whether your campaign features Direct Mail or Email, having incorrect data has a cost:

  • Targeting the wrong person, wasting print and postage
  • Poor email deliverability affects Spam scoring leading to service providers blacklisting your email address(es)/domain
  • Time spent following empty leads

Telemarketing | Lead Generation

Ideal for SMEs that don’t have the resource for a full-time Business Development Manager, our telemarketing support can ensure that your pipeline has regular new leads that are warmed up and qualified.

Telemarketing Lead Generation

Telemarketing | Lead Follow Up

Lead Follow Up using Telemarketing

Don’t leave your leads until you find time to follow them up – make it part of the campaign planning so that all opportunities can be added to your pipeline.

Our service allows you to keep on with your day-to-day work, while we take care of keeping your business in the minds of your leads and convert those leads into opportunities.

Reasons get Telemarketing Support

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