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Cymer Marketing Solutions is supporting businesses to achieve more from their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing using


Cymer Marketing Solutions will use its experience to assess the business environment and develop an understanding of the challenges faced, backed by data and research. Clients can be confident that the proposed solutions will deliver to exceed expectations. Our collective insights provides you with clarity and foresight.


The aim is to build a longstanding future with our clients, based on trust and honesty. The more we understand each other, the easier it is to develop appropriate solutions and present suitable opportunities as they arise.


All proposed solutions are developed together to blend in with business operations, sales and marketing activities. A holistic approach is taken to make sure that all stakeholders are considered, making the CRM capture your audience interactions, understand your opportunities, and improve ROI.


Our Services For Clients

Bespoke solutions are tailored to fit the organisation – there is not a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

Getting to know you and your business is fundamental to understanding all your stakeholders and ensuring that a CRM platform or Marketing Campaign can fit your structure, systems, processes and budget.

CRM Audit

When choosing CRM software
providers, your first step is to see what shape your organisation is in
to make the most of implementing a platform by having a CRM Audit.

CRM Configuration

With experience across many disciplines and industries Cymer Marketing Solutions is looking to support your operations and empower your business through a well configured CRM.

CRM Support

Working with Cymer Marketing Solutions is like having an extra staff member when you need it most, providing bespoke support that is tailored to the business environment.

Lead Generation

With your CRM configured for optimised prospect conversion, Cymer Marketing Solutions can also help you generate more leads to keep your pipeline filled with prospects.

Web Presence

Web Presence is more than having an website – it backs up your authenticity as a professional business, providing an additional platform to sell further than your local vicinity.

Marketing Support

Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design…Cymer Marketing Solutions, along with strategic partners, can support all your marketing needs to deliver your business objectives.

All-in-One CRM Solution

If you are using a combination of different software subscriptions or spending a lot of time to get insights and reports?
Take a look at Bitrix24 All-in-One CRM business solution.

Email Marketing

Sending marketing emails is the easy part…reaching customer inboxes and then have them read it is where you need expert support to reduce lost opportunities and your domain being blacklisted.

Integration Support

Bespoke and reliable, Cymer Marketing Solutions commits to creating software integrations for your business that caters to your operational needs and offering growth opportunities!

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