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Sending marketing emails is the easy part…reaching customer inboxes and then have them read it is where you need expert support.

There are many factors to consider when looking to setup email marketing communications for your business:

Whether it be for a single email, campaign emails or an automated email journey, Cymer Marketing Solutions can help your organisation deliver your messages to your audiences.

Your existing branding can be replicated to ensure consistency and recall, either within an Email platform or coded in responsive HTML.

Email Deliverability

Making sure your emails get through to your customers and not caught in Junk/Spam folders is a must so Email Service Providers (ESPs) don’t blacklist your domain, but is easily overlooked and can be difficult to overcome.

Cymer Marketing Solutions has vast experience and processes ensuring your email marketing has the best chance of reaching their intended inboxes whether sending to 10 or 10,000,000 email addresses. In certain cases it may be useful to setup a separate domain for email marketing, especially if the volumes or frequencies are high. Cymer Marketing Solutions can manage this for your organisation.

Dedicated Email Domain

Email Marketing | Dedicated Domain

If you are regularly sending high volume email marketing campaigns, especially to cold leads, it is worth investing in a dedicated domain. This helps maintain a good score for deliverability on your main domain, keeping it on the safe list for your daily and transactional communications.

Domain warming is an essential process to take new high volume email domains through so that ESPs accept the activity and give you the platform to make sure your messages reach their intended audience.

Email Address Validity

Email Marketing | Validity

Checking over data is vital – especially getting the email address correct. Did you know that sending to invalid Email Address reduces your Deliverability scores with service providers like Google & Microsoft?

A lot of these are user entry errors that can be rectified simply, i.e. remy@cymermarketing.couk (should be or (mis-spelling hotmail). Some are not visible, e.g. email no longer exists or Recipient has blocked your domain.

Get Email Marketing Support

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These are irrelevant if the message never gets the chance to be seen by the recipient.

Contact Cymer Marketing Solutions to setup mass email marketing, as it could save you expense and blacklisting your domain.

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