CRM Configuration

CRM Configuration

Don’t persevere with your CRM…flourish with it!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how most businesses operate, highlighting some needs to operate in a more digital way. A lot turned to CRM platforms to help their teams work collaboratively while being remote, manage their operations and keep engaged with their customers.

Whilst the use of a CRM platform may have got your business through the initial phases of realigning your operations to function, are they configured correctly and optimising the platform that has been invested in? Chances are that the platform was configured hastily with little guidance, as the company need to have something in place outweighed optimising it.

Why should you have your CRM configured?

Customer Relationship Management is a tool to help manage and understand your customers. It requires a strategy to be integrated with your business operations. Buying a subscription to a platform is just part of it.

Implementing a CRM platform across an organisation will give some benefits, even if unconfigured by a specialist. However, why would you not get the most out of your system to benefit your business?

The example below illustrates the impact a configured CRM can have on your Marketing and Sales Funnel.

MetricCurrentUnconfigured CRMConfigured CRM
CRM Impact+2%+10%
Annual Leads120012241320
Annual Customers120125145
Average Income£500£510£550
Annual Turnover£60,000£63,672£79,860
% Change5.8%24.9%
Actual Change£3,672£19,860
Figures for illustrative purposes only

The figures above don’t include costs savings from more efficient operations, reduced duplication or from getting the platform selection matched to your business.

Optimise your CRM Configuration

Cymer Marketing Solutions has experience across many CRM platforms. Being partners with several providers allows access to deeper platform insights, dedicated resources and support. This can be shared to develop your CRM configuration to integrate with your business operations and take advantage of more functionality offered.

A small investment working with Cymer Marketing Solutions at the beginning of a CRM project will: