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Amrit Gill | sk:n Clinics

“Cymer Marketing Solutions has been absolutely pivotal in our digital transformation journey, pushing our data and CRM strategy to create a step change in our results.
You are amongst one of the best CRM consultants in the Midlands that can both deliver on execution and strategy.”

Amrit Gill
Head Of Digital Marketing at sk:n

What started out as a 4-6 week cover as sk:n Clinics lost their CRM Manager, has blossomed into a longer relationship, building out the CRM capabilities for the marketing operation.

CRM strategy for skn Clinics
sk:n Clinics

Using a CRM Feasibility Review ineffective and inefficient functions of the current CRM setup were identified. With ongoing campaigns integral to driving the business, solutions were prioritised to ensure that marketing could still operate and delivery, while adjustments were made to improve CRM data, strategy, outputs and ROI.

Data was segmented to ensure more lifecycle marketing communications could be utilised. Communication timing was adjusted to optimise open rates. Audiences were reduced by removing non-engaged.

These small adjustments all increased CRM ROI as communications became more targeted, more effective and reducing wasted costs on email and SMS.