RoboVeg Ltd
Introducing RoboVeg

RoboVeg is project that is over a decade in the making, looking to bring some major advantages to vegetable harvesting with their Agritech.

They had a product and potential customers, but lacked the marketing expertise to help them reach out to the market. Through a referral, the Directors were introduced to Cymer and a proposal was developed to manage their marketing operations.


RoboVeg Avatar
New Avatar logo (August 2020)

This was identified as the first task – to redevelop their existing logo. The director already had an idea of what they were looking for, but had not been able to get this translated to a workable concept.

What we provided was a branding suite that looked at more than just a logo, but something that would transform RoboVeg’s visual identity on every marketing channel.

Having the suite of branded collateral enabled integrated communication campaigns to develop awareness and recall.

Before and after landscape logo


The cornerstone to the proposal was ensuring that enquiry/lead management was centralised and certain communications automated to enhance the customer journey.

SET for Business CRM
SET for Business CRM

All previous enquiry data was collated and cleansed, before importing into a CRM platform to enhance the ability of RoboVeg to develop targeted campaigns, visualise sales pipelines and ensure that all are working from the same record.

Introducing the CRM platform enabled some automated communications to be set up, keeping enquirers informed and managing customer expectations. It also meant that campaign effectiveness is measured and visible.

Web Presence

This looks at the internet spaces that RoboVeg should have a presence to be in touch with their audience:

  • RoboVeg website
  • Social channels
  • Organic Search

The website has not been updated since the major changes in the development of the harvester from front mounting to rear. It was also not fully branded as RoboVeg so needed an overhaul.

Before and after website redesign

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