Sally Smith | Cross Productions

Marketing Director at Cross Productions

Sally Smith | Cross Productions

Having met Remy through the local networking scene it has been great to get to know him and the outstanding work he produces. After hearing all the positive feedback Cross decided to embark on their own journey to upgrade our internal CRM system.

Remy has taken the time to speak with, ask questions and listen to each department head to ensure he has a full understanding of the teams needs.

This has been an exciting journey as we have been able to integrate and implement new systems that will enhance not only the efficiency in the business but also our ROI.

Not only do we now have the fantastic system but Remy took the time to ensure all data has been input to ensure a quick and smooth transition for all of the team.

Already we have highly recommended Remy to multiple business friends and will continue to do so.

Thank you again for helping us to be better with our business processes.