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Back in October 2013 I first visited a facility in Mandeville, Jamaica, called Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre – providing care and shelter for those that are mentally ill. My Dad has retired back home and has been volunteering with the organisation for a decade.

Money is always in short supply, but the great staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that all the men are well looked after and enjoy new experiences.

Stamp Out Stigma of Mental Health with Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre
Original Campaign logo (July 2016)

As I was only in Jamaica for a short time, my help at the facility was limited…but I wanted to give more. I noticed that on their communications they were not using a logo or even making the name of the facility stand out. So I offered to create them a logo to use on stationary, social and clothing.

They requested something that would encompass what they were trying to achieve around Jamaica on mental health issues. People took noticed and the facility got national coverage, becoming synonymous with the slogan “Stamp Out Stigma”.

With more coverage came more funding and donations, meaning the good work can continue…not just continue but expand into self sufficiency.

I went back in August 2019 and the money has been invested so well. They now have livestock and arable farming with produce to feed the Men and sell to local supermarkets.

I am now working on a suite of collateral for them to step up their efforts securing the longer term future of facility with further expansion to take on more Men. Ebenezer is also celebrating their 20th Anniversary in 2020, so I’m supporting the effort in making sure that whole country knows about it.

Celebrating 20 years of Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre
Akeem at Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre
Akeem whilst a client
Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre, Mandeville
Akeem after the support from Ebenezer Rehabilitation Centre
Akeem in his Mangerial role with Ebenezer Volunteer, Joan Clarke
Grand Palladium Resort, Montego Bay

I got to meet Akeem, the young gentleman to the lower-right of the image above, outside of Ebenezer after finishing his rehabilitation. He is now a section manager at a prestigious hotel in Montego Bay and buying his first car – a far cry form the shell of man that entered.

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